Birthday Post

It is my birthday for about 10 more minutes. I had a good day. I am tired, so this should be a nice short post.

Friends and loved ones are important. They make birthdays better because they care. They care with gifts, and good food, and kind words. They care just by being there, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

Relaxing is important. Doing things and accomplishing things and being high-powered is great, but taking a Day Off every once in a while is just great. It helps reset and relax the mind, and prepares you for hard days to come. Also, it’s a great way to celebrate!

And to cap it all off with a Zen statement, the only way to become truly at peace with yourself is to become truly attuned to what others are saying about you.


One Response to “Birthday Post”

  1. g2-4fa8d749ecc3ff1763ca4ef5aad47653Sco Says:

    I forgot! Happy Birthday! I will be taking the cup back from you soon!

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