Maybe you weren’t
The girl who waited,
But I came back,
I came back.

I saw worlds destroyed
And worlds created
Through a crack in your walls,
A tiny crack.

I brought my blue box
(Bigger on the inside),
I said, do come along,
Won’t you come along?

Just another companion,
I thought, but in hindsight,
I see I was wrong,
So very wrong.

I watched you fight angels
And bring down tyrants.
I told you lies,
So many lies.

I watched you get married
I watched you inspire him,
And then he died,
And then you died.

It’s me and my spaceship
Now, desperately searching,
For you in time
In all of time.

And if I find you
Scared or hurting,
I’ll give you my smile
I’ll make it right.


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