This Post Is Not About Politics

There’s been a lot going on in the news right now: huge market volatility. S&P downgrade of US credit rating. Violent crackdown in Syria. Rioting in London. But in the middle of it all, happened (for me) one of the most important events of the last couple of weeks: recall elections in WI.

You can find a detailed play-by-play of the election results here.

The short story is, Democrats called for recall against six Republican Senators who sided with WI Gov. Scott Walker on a bill stripping local unions of much of their power. They got recall elections against all six Republicans, and won two of those elections. Those two won’t be enough for the Democrats to take control of the state Senate, but they do heavily erode the Republican majority in the Senate. And most important of all, they show the very real power of citizens fighting for – and getting – change.

This wasn’t about Treasury bonds or debt ceilings. This wasn’t about complex alliances or unsatisfying compromises. This was about a bunch of people upset with their representatives, going out and challenging those representatives, and making their voices heard at the ballot box. This was about a grassroots social movement, no fiery speeches by Obama, no big donors (as far as I know, on the Democratic side at least), just door-knocking and phone-calling and demonstrations outside the Capitol in freezing Wisconsin winter. And I couldn’t be more proud of the Wisconsinites who went out and voted, for either party, who showed the nation what democracy is really all about, and who fought for change.

They didn’t win right away, but they didn’t give up, either. And neither should any of us.


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