on the incredible recuperative power of weekends

This is just a short musing, on how incredibly helpful taking a bona-fide weekend can be for creative productivity. Lately, I’ve been marathoning weeks – codecodecode, workworkwork, schedulescheduleschedule, 8-10 hours a day 6-7 days a wee – and it works reasonably well for the routine. Code gets prototyped, written, debugged, tested, implemented. Research papers move along. But this routine leaves little room for the creative spark. Writing a new game idea or working on a short story. Thinking about the future of interactive fiction 🙂 Composing a poem.

This weekend, I hung out, relaxed, had brilliant intelligent conversation, and gamed, with my best friends. Now it’s Sunday morning and I feel at peace, relaxed, and relatively creative. I’m looking beyond the next piece of code or the next deadline and contemplating a game idea my friend Max and I have been poking into. I’m thinking about my two short stories. And I’m not beating myself up and not doing too much introspection. Just, writing and being happy.


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