…but they gotta pay!

So, this is just a bit of random silliness, derived from the goodness of GoogleAds. They market to the content of your e-mails – or chats – whatever that content may be. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss this one particular chat – but let me just say that one of the ads that accompanies it in my Inbox is: http://www.theexorcisms.com, the site of one Wanda Pratnicka, psychic extraordinaire. Amused, I explored it, and found this gem:

“Today I am a therapist for ghosts and for people. They both need the same care, understanding and the same dose of love.”

-Wanda Pratnicka

To which I have only to say… “ghosts need love too. But they gotta pay!”=)


One Response to “…but they gotta pay!”

  1. Scott Caplan Says:

    So I just realized that this blog isn’t in my new aggregator (NetNewsWireLite- I’ve finally found an RSS solution!). Anyway, so I put it in and got caught up on the last two posts. Wow!

    “Today I am a…” But what/who will she be tomorrow?

    How do ghosts pay her fee? Do a lot of them suffer from anorexia?

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