American Psycho

I just saw American Psycho. Umm… yeah. Ok. I think I need to put my *soul* back together for a little while, so I'll lay off a detailed review 'till later. For now, first impressions:

 – it's yet another writer's response to Crime and Punishment, albeit an extremely witty one. 

 – it makes late existentialism work. w00t.

 – on the scale of fucked-up-edness, it's at about Paranoia Agent, slightly lower than Requiem for a Dream but higher than, umm, the stuff I watch on a Sunday evening. It's still dwarfed by Chris Tam and the Insane Japanese Films That He Watches(tm).

 – it disses Yale (Kevin Bale's character went to Harvard, then Harvard Business)… but in such a hilarious way, that I could almost not take it seriously. The dialogue is something like:

 Main Character, whose name i forget: "Paul had this 'Yale' thing going on, I think."

 Detective: "What do you mean?"

 MC: "I think he was a homosexual, who did a lot of cocaine."

Riiiight… till later.


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