So last Saturday, 5/27, I was in Chicago and lucky enough to witness the premiere of the world tour of PLAY! – a Video Game Symphony. The premise is simple: take an enthusiastic conductor, a full-sized orchestra and choir, and have them play songs from popular video games. I went in expecting something kind of entertaining, kind of amateur… and I was blown away.

My first impression upon arriving at the Rosemont theater in Chicago was one of surprise at how FULL the place was. It's a pretty huge theater, bigger than, say, the Kennedy Center's concert halls, and it was three-fourths packed. The outside was teeming with gift shops & booths – basically, an impromptu mini-Con. But all this was nothing in comparison with the concert…

Highlights of the evening:

    – After the fanfare,  the composer for nintendo got up and played a tune on the piano. It sounded sort of Mario-ish, but nobody recognized it. Then the conductor announced that we've just heard the theme for the NEW mario brothers game (coming out for the Wii, I think?)  And THEN the full orchestra played the original mario theme.

    – The Japanese pop star who did some of the songs for Final Fantasy got up and sang Kiss Me Goodbye + Eyes on Me. In a t-shirt and jeans. Awesome=)

    – The composer for Silent Hill, which I was expecting to be the least exciting part of the concert, got up and did an electric guitar solo in front of the audience. It rocked ridiculous amounts (measured in MegaJapaneseSchoolgirls:))

    – Wonderful Arabic drum-soloist did a piece from Battlefield 1942 

    – Finally, the composers for nearly every one of the other games featured at the concert were ACTUALLY there, got up and shook hands w/the audience. 
But the best part, really, is that they're going on tour! Details can be found at: (although I believe not all the tour locations are actually up – they might be going to DC, for instance). Anyways, enjoy, plan, and GO SEE THESE PEOPLE. All for now.

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