Chicago is Over!

Hi all,

my first post-graduation event is finished! For those who don't know, right after graduation I went a little crazy and decided to road-trip to Chicago for the Chicago Open chess tournament. I was playing in the U1400 section, and did pretty well in the past three days – two victories and one draw. I lost both my games today, however, so no money for me:( Oh well.

Something to ponder: I did really well in my first games, despite the fact that I was sick with the flu. In fact, the only tournament I've ever won, I was sick with the flu… so perhaps the sickness actually helped me. If so:

a) should I inject myself with a flu-containing serum, or whatever appropriate, before the next tournament I go to?

b) if the flu does indeed help me win, does a) count as taking a performance-enhancing drug?


Anyways, that's it for today!


One Response to “Chicago is Over!”

  1. Scott Caplan Says:

    Just remember, Vlad: “Cut the grass now, and talk later.”

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